3M Earplugs


Soft disposable polyurethane foam ear plugs providing extra comfort with a tapered shape designed to adjust to most ear canals and made from hypo-allergenic material. Sold in packs of 5 pairs (10 individual pieces)



3M Earplugs are ideal for situations with loud or discomforting noise levels.

Fitting Instructions

Attention : Hands and plugs should be clean before fitting.

ROLL plug slowly with thumb & fingers (fig 1). Gradually increase pressure to COMPRESS plug to a very thin crease-free cylinder.
INSERT compressed plug well into ear canal WHILE PULLING ear outward & upward with opposite hand (fig 2).
CHECK FIT after plug expands in ear. TOUCH plug. You should feel only the end of plug (fig 3). If you feel most of plug outside the ear canal (fig 4) remove plug & repeat fitting. 3M Earplugs Fitting Instructions