Summerhill Third Age

For all your Hearing and Hearing Aid related needs our Hearing Centre in County Meath is located in the Third Age Centre, Summerhill, Co. Meath.

If you are looking for advice and information about hearing related issues for either yourself, a partner, a family member or friend please come and talk to us.
If you have any concerns about your hearing, we conduct Free Hearing Tests and will thoroughly test and evaluate your hearing and provide you with a report. If you would like to know about our test procedures then follow the link to our section on Hearing Tests.

Third Age Summerhill

If you would more like information about Digital Hearing Aids we would be pleased to demonstrate our range of Digital devices, we supply, fit and maintain Hearing Aids from the world's leading laboratories.


We are only too happy to give practical demonstrations of some of these remarkable Hearing Aids including the ultra modern Oticon Opn™

With their ground-breaking advancements in Hearing in Noise features, believe it or not these devices can even switch on your lights and make you a coffee! Don't believe it? watch the video for more details.

Siemens Signia

If you’re a Hearing Aid wearer and have had trouble in the past with changing batteries, come and have a look at our Siemens Signia range of devices which includes the innovative eCharger that automatically recharges and dehumidifies your instruments overnight, so no more fiddly little batteries.

Watch the video for a practical demonstration of the Siemens Signia eCharger.


From Starkey Laboratories we are delighted to present the Halo 2Starkey Halo 2 Made for iPhone range, which is their Made for iPhone® hearing aids helping you stay connected to the people and things you love most.

Have you ever misplaced your Hearing Aids? With Starkey’s Find My Hearing Aids’ feature you can easily locate your lost Hearing Aid(s).

These are just some of the exciting technologies we have available, for even more information contact us Today.

To book into our Summerhill Clinic, Freephone Customer Services on 1800 80 43 22, email or use our Online Booking system to create your own appointment at the time that is most convenient for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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