Fitting Process

Manufacturers of hearing instruments design the acoustic response of their devices based around the averaged characteristics of either an adult male, female or child. Typically when fitting a new hearing system to a client most Audiologists will just program the device(s) with the Client’s audiometric results and adjust for loudness. However, unless the actual physiology aspects of the individual being fitted are taken into account then the process cannot be said to be truly set correctly for that person and is really only a “quick fit”.

At The Hearing Consultancy we have invested significantly in employing cutting edge technology that allows us to ensure that when fitting a modern complex hearing system we adopt best practice by conducting Verification & Validation procedures. This ensures that your devices are correctly set for not only your individual hearing loss but also adjusted to take into account your own unique physiology and we do this by utilising a process called Real Ear Measurements (REM’s).

REM’s allow your fitting to be accurately adjusted to take into effect your own very unique features such as size and length of ear canal which can have a significant consequence on how your hearing system works and can often mean the difference between a successful outcome or a disappointing experience. This procedure has the additional advantage of allowing the Client to see for themselves exactly how their hearing system are working in a Real Life situation.

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