Hearing Protection

“Prevention is better than cure” certainly applies to hearing protection, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) accounts for a significant proportion of reported hearing issues. Whilst there are no current statistics available for the Irish population, a recent UK report on Hearing Loss serves to highlight the potential effect of the problem where there are an estimated 10 million people experiencing a hearing loss.
Noise Chart - The Hearing Consultancy

New research from Scientists at the University of Southern California has identified a gene, named Nox3, located in the inner ear that is linked to determining how vulnerable a person is to developing a hearing loss.

Sufferers typically notice a loss of hearing in their 60s but many will have been exposed to high noise levels 20 or 30 years before that. However, this is also the age when hearing may start to deteriorate due to other contributing factors such as age-related hearing loss and certain medications can also affect hearing. An audiogram can assist in determining underlying causes.

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