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With over 25 years in the hearing profession all of our hearing specialists are fully licensed to conduct hearing assessments and are qualified as Hearing Aid Audiologists through Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge (UK).

  • Independent Advice From Professional Experts in Hearing Aid Audiology
  • Members of The Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (ISHAA)
  • Registered with Department of Social Services for Hearing Aid Grants
  • Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Hearing Tests

We adopt current best practices in all of our procedures and our audiology examinations closely follow the methods prescribed by the British Society of Audiology (thebsa.org.uk).

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Hearing Aids

At The Hearing Consultancy our audiologists will work with you and your communication partners to select the most appropriate solution to suit your needs.

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Wax Removal

Our associates are Certified by The Hearing Lab as Aural Micro Suction Practitioners which is recognised and accredited by the BAA British Academy of Audiology

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Industrial Audiometry

Our Hearing Audiologists have the necessary tools and equipment to conduct testing to recommended standards and provide all documentation as specified in the HSA guidelines.

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Hearing Loss is age related
Hearing Loss is noise induced
Hearing Loss due to infection or injury
Hearing Loss due to disease or is congenital

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Signia Styletto
Signia Styletto

  Signia have re-imagined the traditional design of Hearing Aids by giving their new Styletto model a high-tech makeover. As audiologists, we know from experience that one of the biggest issues influencing a person’s decision to wear hearing aids is the stigma they feel is associated with such devices. This view has been corroborated by […]

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Advice From Our Audiologists

Hearing Aid Audiologist Martyn Mulry Says

Every adult should get a 'Baseline' hearing check done and keep a hard-copy for themselves. This allows your audiologist to determine if there have been any changes to your hearing.

Hearing Aid Audiologist Peter Burke Says

Prolonged exposure to noise is one of the major contributors to Hearing Loss. At The Hearing Consultancy, we provide a complete range of hearing protection solutions.

Our Hearing Tests are Free Call 1800 80 43 22 to book yours
You should never try and remove ear wax yourself, if you think you have a blocked ear - talk to one of our experts who can advice you on the best method to deal with it.
Noise is the 2nd biggest factor that can negatively affect your hearing. Talk to one of our experts to learn about the comprehensive range of Protection Solutions available.

Hearing Aid Technology In Action

See for yourself how today's incredibly powerful devices can improve the quality of life for somebody with a hearing loss.


Discover How Our Hearing Works

The way we actually perceive and process the sounds around us is truly a miracle of nature.


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