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With over 25 years in the hearing profession all of our hearing specialists are fully licensed to conduct hearing assessments and are qualified as Hearing Aid Audiologists through Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge (UK).

Hearing Tests

We adopt current best practices in all of our procedures and our audiology examinations closely follow the methods prescribed by the British Society of Audiology (

Wax Removal

Our associates are Certified by The Hearing Lab as Aural Micro Suction Practitioners which is recognised and accredited by the BAA British Academy of Audiology

Hearing Aids

At The Hearing Consultancy our audiologists will work with you and your communication partners to select the most appropriate solution to suit your needs.

Industrial Audiometry

Our Hearing Audiologists have the tools & equipment to conduct testing to recommended standards & provide all documentation as specified in the HSA guidelines.

Hearing Loss is age related
1 %
Hearing Loss is noise induced
1 %
Hearing Loss due to infection or injury
1 %
Hearing Loss due to disease or is congenital
1 %

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The way we actually perceive and process the sounds around us is truly a miracle of nature.

We have a few short videos demonstrating how our hearing system works and also what can go wrong with it. 

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What people say?

After trying to deny I had a hearing problem for a long time I knew I had to seek advice. After my first consultation with The Hearing Consultancy I wish I had done it so much sooner. I was given the best advice on what devices would suit me. I chose the option of an affordable payment plan and received follow up consultations to make sure I was happy and comfortable with my hearing aids. I cannot thank Martyn and the team enough for giving me my confidence back.
Kate McHugh
Athy. Co. Kildare
I am extremely happy with my hearing aids that I got from Alfie Smyth at The Hearing Consultancy in New Ross. They have opened a whole new perspective on life for me. For the first time in many years I no longer have to say to someone ‘sorry??’ ‘What’s that you said??’ ‘I beg your pardon ‘. Neither do I have to pretend I’m hearing something. Thank you Alfie and The Hearing Consultancy’.
Fr. Don Kenny
Co. Wexford

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