At The Hearing Consultancy we are independent from any of the major suppliers and have access to all the main manufactures of hearing aids, all these companies produce hearing instruments in a variety of styles and sizes. No one company can be described as being the best, they all deliver good quality devices in a wide range of technology levels. Check out our ‘Technology in Action‘ link to view some of the features in modern devices.

Some of the differentiating features would be a particular perspective an individual laboratory places on certain features, for example it could be the way a hearing aid deals with physiology problems such as dead areas within the Cochlea where no amount of standard amplification would be of any benefit.

Another may use a unique proprietary technique of sound localisation designed to improve performance for hearing in noise, yet another will advocate an alternative to the traditional method of multi-channel. Selecting the most appropriate manufacturer, style and technology level to suit your needs is where your choice of hearing aid audiologist is critical.

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