Audiology Services & Protocols During Coronavirus

The Hearing Consultancy is firmly committed to providing safe hearing healthcare to our clients and maintaining a safe workplace for our Audiologists.

Hearing Aid Audiology is classed as an essential service by the Dept of Health and our Professional Governing body (Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists ISHHA) in conjunction with Government Guidelines and the Health Service Executive (HSE) have published protocols designed to ensure the continued wellbeing of both our clients and employees during this difficult period. As this current pandemic is unprecedented in modern times, the protocols and recommended procedures under which we asked to operate are continuously being amended and updated as we all learn to adapt and adopt.

This means we are constantly being advised on new audiology guidelines, procedures and restrictions so we can operate safe hearing services for our audiologists and clients. We want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to prevent the risk of transmission.

The current new normal!

Pre-Appointment Procedures

You are advised not to attend for any appointment if you, or anyone else that resides in your household, or with whom you have had close contact with having been a confirmed Covid-19 case or demonstrated any of the following symptoms over the last 14 days?

Appointment Protocols

If you are attending an appointment at one of our clinic locations, we ask that you follow these procedures.

Updated July 2010

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