Hearing Aids : Pricing

Hearing aid pricing varies considerably depending on the technology level and features selected, to a patient, a difference in technology level often means a difference in cost. To an audiologist, a difference in technology level may mean a difference in patient outcome.

At The Hearing Consultancy our philosophy is that if the cost was not a factor, then we would recommend the best technology available for each and every client, this is because the highest level of technology invariably gives the best all-round performance.  However, we also recognise that affordability is a major consideration in most people’s purchasing decisions and therefore we offer a range of devices across an extensive variety of technology levels, price points and purchasing methods.  The majority of the devices listed below are available in most styles (e.g. ‘in the ear‘, ‘on the ear‘, ‘behind the ear‘) and are a broad representation of our product range.

ManufacturerModelBinaural *
(2 Aids)
Monaural *
(1 Aid)
Technology Level **
OticonOpn S1€4,700€2,350Premium
OticonOpn S2€3,700€1,850Advanced
OticonOpn S3€3,000€1,500Performance
OticonSiya 1€2,500€1,250Performance
OticonSiya 2€2,000€1,000Essential
UnitronMoxi Pro (R)€4,300€2,150Premium
UnitronMoxi Now€4,200€2,100Premium
UnitronMoxi Fit 800 (R)€4,000€2,000Advanced
UnitronMoxi Now 800€3,900€1,950Advanced
UnitronMoxi Fit 700 (R)€3,500€1,750Advanced
UnitronMoxi Now 700€3,300€1,650Advanced
UnitronMoxi Fit 600 (R)€3,000€1,500Performance
UnitronMoxi Fit 500 (R)€2,500€1,250Essential
SigniaPrimax Silk€4,200€2,100Premium
SigniaSignia Cellion Primax€4,200€2,100Premium
SigniaAce Primax 7px€4,000€2,000Premium
SigniaCellion Primax 5px€3,500€1,650Advanced
SigniaAce Primax 5px€3,300€1,650Advanced
SigniaAce Primax 3px€3,000€1,500Performance
RextonEmerald 40€2,400€1,200Essential
AudinaIntuition 2ER€1,200€600Basic

* Price Range

  • Excludes any Government Grants which can worth up to €500 per aid and any Tax Relief under the MED1 Tax Rebate which can be worth 20%

** Technology Level

  • Premium: These aids have all the latest technology features that are available for each brand.  They are optimised to give the best all round performance in all situations.
  • Advanced: These aids have many of the features of the higher end instruments. They work well in most listening environments and have programming flexibility to help meet individual needs.
  • Performance: These devices whilst providing prescriptive amplification also have directional speech enhancement for helping in busier listening situations.
  • Essential: Good for non-demanding listening situations and well suited for one-to-one conversations
  • Basic: An entry level prescriptive amplifier

Other Information

  • All devices come with a three year warranty which covers electrical or mechanical problems, this does not cover loss or any physical damage and we do recommend that hearing aids should be insured.
  • A modern hearing aid is a complex device and like any other intricate mechanism, periodic maintenance will ensure a longer trouble free working life (we all recognise that a car performs better if regular service intervals are followed). This aftercare is costed into the price of your aid and should ensure that optimum performance is maintained over the life of the instrument which is typically about 5 years minimum.
  • We operate a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure you are happy with your new devices, this allows ample time to effectively test your hearing aids under typical conditions.
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