The Importance of Sound – Part Three

As Hearing Aid Audiologists one of our primary concerns is helping our Clients to hear better with particular emphasis on speech understanding. Sound lies at the very heart of all matter, everything in the Universe vibrates, Albert Einstein stated that “Everything in Life is Vibration”

However, did you know that you can also see sound? Cymatics is the study of sound made visible and through this medium the marvellous geometry of sound can be easily seen.

Hearing Tests from The Hearing Consultancy
Cymatic Patterns
Hearing Tests from The Hearing Consultancy
Rosslyn Chapel

Sound vibrations can imprint geometric patterns of energy on a surface, such as a plate, diaphragm, or the surface of water. Each sound creates a unique pattern.

The term Cymactics was coined by Hans Jenny (1904 – 1972) a Swiss medical doctor, however its actual origins can be traced back over a 1000 years to African tribes who placed small grains of sand on a vibrating taunt drum and used the resulting patterns to predict the future.

Throughout the intervening centuries various philosophers and scientists from Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Faraday to Hans Jenny have been fascinated by the effects of sound and vibration have on matter.

In the Tom Hanks film “The Da Vinci Code”, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland was alluded to be the resting place for the Holy Grail. Adding to the intrigue it was suggested that the ornate carvings in the chapel held a coded message. This message was ‘deciphered’ in 2007 by a composer Stuart Mitchell and his father Thomas (a former RAF codebreaker) into musical chords. A refrain known as the “Rosslyn Motet” was actually performed with these chords using Cymatics to demonstrate the ensuing patterns that were produced when powder was placed on sheets of glass or metal and the notes represented in the carvings were played. Some of the patterns produced by the vibrations matched the carvings on the Chapel walls.

Some people believe that Cymatics holds the future for better understanding of not only our world but the Universe as a whole.

Hearing Tests from The Hearing Consultancy
Hans Jenny
Hearing Tests from The Hearing Consultancy
Leonardo da Vinci

If you would like to ‘see’ more sound represented through Cymatics then listen to a TED talk by Evan Grant on ‘Making sound visible through cymatics’. If however, you would prefer to hear sound more clearly then follow this link to our online booking system or call Freephone 1800 804322.