Signia Styletto

Signia have re-imagined the traditional design of Hearing Aids by giving their new Styletto model a high-tech makeover.

As audiologists, we know from experience that one of the biggest issues influencing a person’s decision to wear hearing aids is the stigma they feel is associated with such devices. This view has been corroborated by the respected market analysis publication EuroTrack, which in their latest publication (2018) found that 56% of people surveyed stated that “They would be embarrassed to wear a hearing aid”

Hearing Aids from the Hearing Consultancy

By following the lead of other market leading innovators like Apple, Signia have created the “next generation” of hearing aids. Maarten Barmentlo from Signia said: “Hearing aids have long been associated as being out of date and not at the cutting edge of today’s cool technology, and we wanted to change that perception.”
“Styletto has implemented the best possible technology to ensure that not only does the product deliver incredible sound, but it also a very user-friendly device.”

A common observation with new users of hearing aids is that their own voice can initially sound unusual to them, the Styletto also incorporates Signia’s unique Own Voice Processing technology (OVP) , which means that the wearer’s own voice sounds more natural to them, increasing overall user satisfaction.
Hearing Tests from The Hearing Consultancy
Hearing Aids from the Hearing Consultancy

New Styletto Connect Hearing Aids from Signia Win Red Dot Design Award, the new rechargeable Styletto Connect hearing aids from Signia not only provide the most natural hearing experience for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They also offer the highest quality design which has been honored with a Red Dot Award for Product Design – one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

Meet the new hearing aid Styletto Connect featuring: Bluetooth functionality Remote control option Own Voice Processing (OVP) Ultra HD e2e Directional microphones Twin Phone