Tubing Threader


For threading replacement hearing aid tubing through ear-moulds.


This handy device is used like a needle threader and helps to draw tubing through a hearing aid ear-mould when replacing broken or brittle tubing on an ear-mould.

Directions for use

  • Insert the threader through the ear-mould tube bore hole.
  • Thread the tubing through the threader loop leaving about 1″ (25mm) of the tapered end clear.
  • Pull the threader steadily but firmly through the ear-mould until the tapered end of the tubing emerges.
  • Pull the tubing through to the correct position PLUS a little bit further.
  • Trim the tubing at the tip and carefully pull the tubing back so it is flush with the ear-mould.
  • Trim the main length up to the hearing aid ear hook to suit.