B*Dry Dehumidifier


Electric drying device with UV-C light for hearing aid wearers


Using a dehumidifier helps to dry out moisture accumulation that can build up in hearing aids either from use in damp conditions or just perspiration from long-term daily wear. Placing your hearing devices in the dehumidifier overnight safely removes moisture accumulation, thus helping them to function at their optimum level.  The UV-C light also helps to maintain good hygiene levels within in the Hearing Aid.


  • Effective drying by means of a dry, warm air stream
  • The drying temperature is approximately 45 ° C
  • 4-hour drying program starts with a touch of a button
  • Automatic switch-off after a drying cycle of 4 hours
  • Automatic interruption to prevent overheating
  • UV-C lamp is switched off when the dryer is opened.

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