Binaural Processing

The fact that two ears are better than one is well-established and documented. Our auditory system uses information from both ears to establish localisation (i.e. where the sound is coming from), improve discrimination when hearing in noise and is less strenuous than trying to listen with just one ear.

When the term binaural processing is applied to hearing aids, at its most basic level this can just mean that a volume adjustment on one side is instantaneously communicated to the other side, at a more advanced level this can include such additional features as co-ordinated feedback management.

Current developments from the main manufacturers have taken binaural processing to a new level that can now include features such as spatial sound processing where the hearing aids work together to determine the source of speech sound and then make adjustments together to maximise speech clarity. Our Technology in Action section visually demonstrates some the advanced features of binaural processing.

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