Other Services

Our experience and expertise gives us the capability to offer a wide range of specialist services related to hearing and hearing health.  In addition to a standard hearing evaluation we can provide advanced diagnostics not normally found in general practice, these are advantageous where there may be complicating factors not readily identifiable through a basic regular test.

Hearing Protection

Ear DefendersEven when there is no hearing loss, it is important to look after your existing hearing and we offer a wide range of protection options for where noise levels have the potential or are exceeding recommended safety levels be this work related or social (musicians, shooters, motor cyclists or even to block out a partners snoring!). Other types of protection devices include swimmers moulds to ensure that no liquids enter the ear canal when swimming, bathing or showering.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s) 

Personal Amplifier

For when a hearing system alone cannot provide a solution we can offer expert advice and practical solutions through Assistive Listening Devices.

Industrial Hearing Tests

DrillWe can save you time and money by conducting industrial hearing testing at your work-site premises. After their screenings are complete, employees can return to work within the hour.

Tinnitus Help Tinnitus

For Tinnitus sufferers we have a comprehensive range of devices engineered to help provide relief, talk to one of our experts to find out more.

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